We have a wide variety of instrumentation suitable for discovery and targeted proteomics experiments.

Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer.

This is a fast and highly sensitive mass spectrometer with an extremely versatile design.  Our primary applications are global proteomic profiling (DDA & DIA) and structural characterization by cross-linking mass spectrometry.


Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid Mass Spectrometer.

The first iteration of the Fusion Tribrid system.  Our primary applications for this system are global proteomic profiling experiments.



Q Exactive Plus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer.

A simple, yet robust high-resolution mass spectrometer.  Primarily used for protein-protein interaction (PPI) experiments.



TSQ Quantiva Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer.

Highly sensitive instrument for quantitative targeted proteomics experiments.




timsTOF™ Pro Mass Spectrometer.

The Bruker TimsTOF Pro is a fast and senstive mass spectrometry that incorporates an extra dimension of peptide separations by the inclusion of a trapped ion mobility chamber.


EASY-nLC 1200/1000 System.

All of our mass spectrometers are equipped with either an EASY-nLC 1200 or 1000 nano flow HPLC.