Interested in joining our team?

We are always in the market for motivated and talented people. If interested please send your CV/Resume to Kirsten Obernier.

Currently we have open positions for people with the following skills:

  • Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Researcher looking to develop novel computational methods to integrate diverse high-throughput datasets produced in-house as well as publicly available datasets across a range of projects.
  • Neuroscientist & Scientific Program Manager overseeing and coordinating neuroscience focused collaborative research efforts of over 50 scientists across academic institutions, global collaborators, and industry partners for the QBI team.
  • Scientist - Positions for QCRG AViDD research seeking motivated scientists of different backgrounds who are interested in understanding virus pathogenesis and are excited to impact disease by developing antiviral therapeutics.
  • Scientific Project Manager coordinating large collaborative scientific initiatives of the QBI including managing multi-PI biomedical research grants, facilitating communication among multiple stakeholders, tracking project deadlines, aims, and budgets and driving projects through to completion.

Ongoing Interests in the Krogan lab:

We are always looking for highly motivated candidates interested in cancer, neuroscience and infectious disease projects! Specifically:

  • Postdoc with expertise in infectious disease / virology with an interest in studying pan-pathogen host factors and their molecular mechanisms.
  • Postdoc / Staff Scientist with hands on mass spectrometry expertise.
  • Postdoc / Staff Scientist with computational expertise to build and apply data analysis tools.
  • Postdoc with expertise in neuroscience with an interest in studying protein-protein interactions in healthy and diseased states (neurodevelopmental, psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders) and the molecular mechanisms underlying disease.