Impressions from the lab

Group pictures


Dinner at Oda
June 2021 - Dinner at Oda (group1)
Dinner at Oda group2
June 2021 - Dinner at Oda (group2)
Calgary Retreat 2019
November 2019
Calgary Retreat 2019
Calgary retreat 2019
December 2018
December 2018
Arizona retreat 2018
Arizona retreat 2018

Arizona retreat impressions (2018)

Krogan Lab Retreat

Lab outings

Dinner at Oda (part 2). Is Nevan so tall or is this dog so tiny?                Young researchers joining happy hour.                                                                                       
Dinner at Oda (part1). Nevan with Haas sisters Paige and Kelsey.       Ruth, Maya, Manisha, Trupti and Monita enjoying meeting in person
                                                                                                               after a long time!
Lunch by the Bay - everybody looking pretty fly
Go Kart racing
We want to keep Jeff in the Krogan Lab!                                                                             But wish him all the best, starting his new lab at Mount Sinai this summer!!!
Krogan Lab alumni Erik Verschueren came to visit for Jeff's goodbye

Random impressions

2020 was a very productive year for the lab. A Science paper with over 250 authors became a meme. 
Congratulations to Paige for being accepted to the Genetic Counseling Program!
Taking a break
Impromptu Poker session
Black and blue are the colors of the season it seems
Ollie, the honorary lab dog after a long day. Tired like a dog.
Epic bike ride
QBI media event was a SUCCESS!!
No words
Mentoring the next generation of scientists - you gotta get 'em early...
Thinking deeply about future cancer projects at CSBC West Coast Symposium