Our aim is to link tau proteostasis with neuronal activity in frontotemporal dementia by examining the molecular networks affected in Tauopathies.

Tauopathy is a prevalent and devastating neurodegenerative condition in the elderly. Tauopathies include Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and frontotemporal lobar degeneration with tau inclusions (FTLD-tau), a major subtype of FTLD characterized by changes in behavior, difficulty with language, and problems with body movement. Tauopathies are untreatable. A better understanding of their pathogenesis is urgently needed to develop novel treatments.

To this end, we examine PTMs using a global to targeted MS-based quantitative approach, as well as PPIs using a combination of AP-MS and proximity-based biotinylation. Our work on Tauopathies is performed as part of the Tau Center Without Walls.